Living Above The Void.

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About Me

Emmanuel A. Baptiste is synonymous with the word "Entrepreneur." His strategic thinking, planning, and down-to-earth nature defines who he is. With an astute ability to make connections where others don't, he finds a possibility where others may see a dead end. His generous personality also allows him to enthusiastically share his talents with his collaborators.

Strategic Thinking



My Experience


Supreme Legacy Entertainment is an independent record label whose goal is to create a long-lasting music career for artists by producing high-quality music and taking strategic risks, with full dedication to artist development.

Worldwide Psychos

2013 - Present

Founding Father

Worldwide Psychos is a group for thrill-seekers, enthusiasts, and people willing to give back by rolling up their sleeves and donating their time & money to provide direct assistance to those in need.

SLT Logistics

2015 - Present


SLT Logistics is a full-service logistics firm that specializes in supplies, transport, and warehousing.

Sterling Park Properties

2018 - Present


Sterling Park Properties is a commercial and residential real estate investment company that specializes in development and construction services.

Stygian Matter

2018 - Present


Stygian Matter provides management consulting and outsourcing services. The Company offers its management consulting services in customer relationship management, finance and enterprise performance, operations, risk management, strategy, and talent.

Sterling Park Capital

2018 - Present


Sterling Park Capital is a full-service Private Equity firm. We originate and manage opportunistic deals primarily in the Real Estate, Tech, Transportation, and Entertainment space.

My Services


Advise individuals and organizations on high-level decisions in an unbiased manner, using deep industry knowledge to deliver the best results.


Full assessment for the most profitable tax structures, location, restructuring, or real estate benefits while assessing all aspects of risk management.


An in-detail examination to identify and analyze potential events that may negatively impact individuals, assets, and/or the environment.


Coordinating operations involving many personnel, facilities, and vehicles. Sometimes moving resources – people, materials, inventory, and equipment.

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